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How exactly to Help Juniors on the ACT Writing

  • She’s a good writer. She’ll be fine.
  • They write essays on a regular basis.

  • Yeah, i am using the writing test. It’s just an essay, no big deal.
  • Oh, the essay section changed in 2016? Didn’t know that. How different is it?
  • (*Facepalm*) the issue is, the ACT’s writing section is different enough from the writing normally done in school that I see plenty of students underperform in a fashion that is completely preventable. Typically “good” writers are becoming scores of 6 or 8 (away from 12), once they must be getting ultimately more numbers that are competitive.

    Whilst it’s not necessarily an 11th grade English teacher’s “job” to do ACT/SAT prep or even “teach towards the test”, there is a problematic reality that if teachers don’t get involved a little, most students won’t get this knowledge and/or skills anywhere else. And therefore, my teacher friend, is worrisome.

    Just what exactly’s going on, and do you know the easiest steps an English teacher can take to greatly help juniors be more ready?

    Here you will find the biggest culprits:

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    1. The timing is more intense than school. It really is thirty minutes total, including reading the prompt and the entire brainstorm, draft, and proofread process. That task may be daunting if students get writer’s block, have test anxiety, don’t understand the prompt when you look at the heat associated with moment, or battle to wrestle their ideas into submission.